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This is a very difficult error to trace correctly. It could be anything of the ones I'll give below, or none of them. Please be patient in tracing this error. Do report it on the project's forums and let the people there guide you along as well.

1. Your system is over-clocked. Clock back to a more normal level for troubleshooting.
2. You use corrupt system drivers. Update your motherboard chipset drivers.
3. You use outdated/corrupt graphics drivers. Update the drivers for your graphics card or do not use the screen saver/graphics in BOINC.
4. The image link(s) in BOINC are broken. Uninstall BOINC and reinstall it/upgrade it to the latest available version.
5. The image link(s) in the project's application are broken. Reset the project from within BOINC.
6. Since the error is based on the Windows 0xc0000005 error (Access Violation), it could also be:

  • faulty RAM. --> test with memtest86+
  • an incorrect/corrupt device driver. --> check for updates
  • poorly written/updated software.
  • malware/adware installations.

Check your system with GIMPS Prime95. If it can survive this stress test, it's probably not hardware related. Don't run BOINC and Prime95 simultaneously on the same system.

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