Waiting for memory (5.8 and above)

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When you're met by the message "waiting for memory" you have a BOINC client 5.8 or above, which makes use of the new memory options in your General Preferences.

Disk and memory usage

  • Use at most 100 GB disk space
  • Leave at least 0.1 GB disk space free
  • Use at most 90% of total disk space
  • Write to disk at most every 90 seconds
  • Use at most 75% of page file (swap space)
  • Use at most 50% of memory when computer is in use
  • Use at most 90% of memory when computer is idle

A striking example of this error is if you have 512MB of base memory, you run BOINC when the computer is in use. At that time you have only got 256MB of memory for your project(s). If you then also save applications to memory when switching between them, you will get into trouble.

Adjust the settings to your needs and save the changes, then update BOINC.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 177 14-03-2007