What do Suspended, Waiting and Postponed mean?

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Possible messages you can come across:

  • Waiting for memory.
  • Waiting for GPU memory.
  • Waiting to run.
  • Waiting to run (Scheduler wait: Waiting to acquire lock)
  • Postponed: waiting to acquire lock.
  • Postponed: please upgrade BOINC to the latest version.
  • Suspended: on batteries.
  • Suspended: computer is in use.
  • Suspended: user request.
  • Suspended: time of day.
  • Suspended: CPU benchmarks in progress.
  • Suspended: need disk space - check preferences.
  • Suspended: computer is not in use.
  • Suspended: starting up.
  • Suspended: an exclusive app is running.
  • Suspended: CPU is busy.
  • Suspended: network bandwidth limit exceeded.
  • Suspended: requested by operating system.

Essentially, all these mean that BOINC is paused, or has paused any running work.

.. needs further explanation per message.

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