BOINC Manager cannot connect to a client

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You will get the pop up with the message BOINC Manager cannot connect to a client when:

1. You did not allow boinc.exe and boincmgr.exe through your firewall. These two parts of BOINC need to be able to talk to each other on TCP port 31416. Usually putting boinc.exe and boincmgr.exe in your firewall's trusted zone fixes this. Just restart BOINC afterwards.

2. The client was stopped for whatever reason and only BOINC Manager was kept running. Exit BOINC Manager and restart it to see if this fixes your problem.

3. Another program has taken up port 31416. In this case you will have to figure out which program does this and exit it, then make sure that BOINC starts earlier than the other program.

4. You had a GPU of some brand in your PC, have since removed it, but didn't uninstall and clean out its drivers. Best do so, to get BOINC to work with you.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 461 09-10-2008