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When you start BOINC from the command line, you can give it the following switches as extra commands. Multiple commands in a row are possible.

When the client exits, abort and report jobs.
Allow remote GUI RPC connections.
Allow more than one instance of the client to run per host.
--attach_project <URL> <key>
Attach to a project using the project URL and the strong account key. This requires you have an account on the project already.
E.g. Boinc --attach_project 1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef
For idle detection, check remote logins too.
Run as daemon (Unix). When installed as a service on Windows, starting Boinc will automatically start the service. It won't on Unix.
Detach from console (Windows). This closes the command line window that otherwise stays open when you start Boinc.
--detach_project <URL>
Detach from a project.
--dir <path>
Use given directory path as BOINC home directory.
--exit_after_app_start N
Exit N seconds after an application starts.
Exit right after finishing a job.
Exit right before starting a job.
Exit right before starting an upload.
Exit when there are no tasks.
Get only one task per CPU core or GPU.
--file_xfer_giveup_period N
Give up on file transfers after N seconds.
Show network traffic history.
--gui_rpc_port <port>
Port for GUI RPCs. Default port is 31416.
Show command line switch options.
Client was launched by Manager.
--master_fetch_interval N
Limiting or increasing period of master retry.
--master_fetch_period N
Reload master URL after N RPC failures.
--master_fetch_retry_cap N
Exponential back-off limit.
Don't allow GUI RPC, don't make socket.
Don't check for GPUs.
Suppresses the fetch of project list and of current client version #. Use when running on grid nodes.
Run apps at same priority as client.
--pers_giveup N
Give-up time for persistent file transfer.
--pers_retry_delay_max N
Maximum delay for file transfer exponential back-off.
--pers_retry_delay_min N
Minimum delay for file transfer exponential back-off
Redirect the event log output to the stdoutdae and stderrdae log files. Else they'll output to the command window.
--reset_project <URL>
Reset (clear) a project.
--retry_cap N
Exponential back-off limit.
Run the CPU benchmarks.
Set by updater.
Client was launched by screensaver.
--sched_retry_delay_max N
Maximum delay for RPC exponential back-off.
--sched_retry_delay_min N
Minimum delay for RPC exponential back-off.
Show attached projects.
Don't run CPU benchmarks.
--start_delay X
Delay starting apps for X secs.
Allow unsigned apps (for testing).
--update_prefs <URL>
Contact a project to update preferences.
Show version info.
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