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When you start BOINC from the command line, you can give it the following switches as extra commands. Multiple commands in a row are possible.

--abort_jobs_on_exit When the client exits, abort and report jobs.

--allow_remote_gui_rpc Allow remote GUI RPC connections.

--allow_multiple_clients Allow more than one instance of the client to run per host.

--attach_project <URL> <key> Attach to a project using the project URL and the strong account key. This requires you have an account on the project already. E.g. Boinc --attach_project 1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef

--check_all_logins For idle detection, check remote logins too.

--daemon Run as daemon (Unix). When installed as a service on Windows, starting Boinc will automatically start the service. It won't on Unix.

--detach Detach from console (Windows). This closes the command line window that otherwise stays open when you start Boinc.

--detach_project <URL> Detach from a project.

--dir <path> Use given directory path as BOINC home directory.

--exit_after_app_start N Exit N seconds after an application starts.

--exit_after_finish Exit right after finishing a job.

--exit_before_start Exit right before starting a job.

--exit_before_upload Exit right before starting an upload.

--exit_when_idle Exit when there are no tasks.

--fetch_minimal_work Get only one task per CPU core or GPU.

--file_xfer_giveup_period N Give up on file xfers after N sec.

--get_daily_xfer_history Show network traffic history.

--gui_rpc_port <port> Port for GUI RPCs. Default port is 31416.

--help Show command line switch options.

--launched_by_manager Client was launched by Manager.

--master_fetch_interval N Limiting or increasing period of master retry.

--master_fetch_period N Reload master URL after N RPC failures.

--master_fetch_retry_cap N Exponential backoff limit.

--no_gui_rpc Don't allow GUI RPC, don't make socket.

--no_gpus Don't check for GPUs.

--no_info_fetch Suppresses the fetch of project list and of current client version #. Use when running on grid nodes. (New in 6.11.8)

--no_priority_change Run apps at same priority as client.

--pers_giveup N Giveup time for persistent file xfer.

--pers_retry_delay_max N Max for file xfer exponential backoff.

--pers_retry_delay_min N Min for file xfer exponential backoff

--redirectio Redirect stdout and stderr to log files. Else they'll output to the command window.

--reset_project <URL> Reset (clear) a project.

--retry_cap N Exponential backoff limit.

--run_cpu_benchmarks Run the CPU benchmarks.

--run_by_updater Set by updater.

--saver Client was launched by screensaver.

--sched_retry_delay_max N Max for RPC exponential backoff.

--sched_retry_delay_min N Min for RPC exponential backoff.

--show_projects Show attached projects.

--skip_cpu_benchmarks Don't run CPU benchmarks.

--start_delay X Delay starting apps for X secs.

--unsigned_apps_ok Allow unsigned apps (for testing).

--update_prefs <URL> Contact a project to update preferences.

--version show version info.

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