Change Log 5.10.0

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Change Log 5.10.0, May 29, 2007

  • client: unscrambled some of the #ifdefs in hostinfo_unix.C
In Linux case, if measured RAM size is negative, print some info.
  • client, Unix: always use 1 (rather than slot#) in ftok().
Slot is already encoded in path.
  • client, Linux: get memory size from /proc/meminfo rather than sysconf()
  • Mac: Remove obsolete XCode project script phase for separate SG build symbol table.
  • Add a mechanism for a project to shut down gracefully.
If 1 is included in config.xml, this gets send to clients, and they display a "Project ended - OK to detach" message.
  • client, Windows: when making calls to get free disk space (e.g. pGetDiskFreeSpaceEx()) pass the path of the current directory instead of NULL. :Otherwise, if we're running as an unprivileted user with no access to the root dir, the call fails and reports zero free space.
  • Add GUI RPC to set projects debts (short and long term).
Lets you set all of them at once, as suggested by Nicolas Alvarez.
  • fixes SVN ticket #131. Manager: make some strings translatable, and fix them
  • Unix: 'make install' copies certificate authority file to client directory
  • fixes SVN ticket #207. HTML entities in BOINC Manager have to be decoded BOINC Manager can now properly decode HTML entites for the following elements:
•Projects Tab:
Project Name
User Name
Team Name
•Work Tab:
Project Name
Application Name
•Transfers Tab:
Project Name
•Messages Tab:
Project Name
•Disk Tab:
Project Name
  • fixes SVN ticket #212. Info in columns misaligned on switching views
  • Properly restore which tab view the user left from when going to the advanced view from the simple view
  • Fix the problem that caused the manager to wait for 7 seconds to display anything on initial startup.
  • Store the various Grid/List persisted data seperately so that the different header sizes don't cause problems.
  • Disable HtmlEntityEncode/HtmlEntityDecode on all platforms but Windows for now.
  • Change all references of mb_str() to c_str() in SkinManager.cpp to avoid SIGILL's on Unicode environments.
  • fixes SVN ticket #215: Customize the VBS script used to launch BOINC Manager for each system we install on.