Change Log 5.10.14

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Change Log 5.10.14, July 25, 2007

  • Mac: log_flags.state_debug prints errno when rename of client_state_next.xml to client_state.xml fails
  • MGR: if a job is running EDF, show "high priority" in status
  • MGR: improve wording in advanced prefs dialog
  • client and MGR: fixed bug where only one day-of-week preference would be parsed.
  • client: allow up to a day (rather than work_buf_min()) to elapsed between completing a result and reporting it.
  • GUI RPC: debug set_debts handler. Fixes #131
  • client: fix bug that broke option
  • client and MGR: attempts to fix problems if is set
  • Added args to XML_PARSER::skip_unexpected() to you can say whether to write messages to stderr for unparsed stuff. This is set to true if log_flags.unparsed_xml is set (client) or if debug_level is 3 (server)
  • client: change order so that backoff because of no work happens before server-requested backoff (eliminate double messages)
  • client: radically faster (on Win) version of dir_size() (from John McLeod)
  • client: add "dont_contact_ref_site" config flag; suppresses connectivity-testing connections to
  • MGR: Workaround a crash issue by only dealing with the frame pointer if the manager is told to quit by the cc.
  • client: run_if_user_active pref applies to both network transfers and CPU usage. (Note: maybe we should have a separate pref for this).
  • MGR: make various strings translatable (from Mifistor)
  • Mac Installer: use sh shell (bash) instead of csh for postinstall and postupgrade scripts.
  • Mac Installer: installer creates skins directory if it doesn't already exist.
  • MGR: Check correct menu item in View menu when launching Manager or when returning from Simple View.
  • client: if CA bundle file isn't in BOINC directory, don't tell Curl to look for it there. It might be in the default place where Curl looks.
  • GUI RPC: added "detach_when_done" and "dont_detach_when_done" project-control options. Made these available in boinc_cmd. Fixes #335.
  • client: print time zone message at startup
  • MGR: removed ForceRefresh() calls in grid views; reduces CPU usage, still seems to work (from Frank Weiler) Fixes #291.
  • MGR: Merged David's changes of today into 5.10 branch to greatly reduce Grid Views' CPU usage (change from Frank Weiler):
Don't call m_pGridPane->ForceRefresh() from OnListRender().
  • client: show OS name/version in message at startup
  • Mac client: always show UNIX error if state file rename fails.
  • client: if can't write state file, don't immediately exit, but don't do anything other than handle GUI RPCs. After 50 secs, print an "about to exit" message. After 60 seconds, exit
  • MGR: changed wording the "Choose a project" page of attach wizard. At least one person was confused by 'WWW'; he thought you clicked there to choose project.
  • MGR: in grid views, don't sort unless needed (from Frank)
  • MGR: Fixed bug in task grid view: code was always using the grid row number as index into results vector. Added a hidden column COLUMN_RESULTS_INDEX to hold index into results vector for the data in each row, so it is available after sorting grid. This allows the changes of 16 July 2007 to work properly.
  • Manager GridCtrl: Don't save/restore width of hidden/invisible columns. Fix Compile error on some platforms.
  • client: added a new pref "suspend_if_no_recent_input" that lets you suspend computation after a specified period of idleness.This is necessary to allow some machines to go into low-power mode when they're not being used.
  • Change the wording of some existing prefs; for example, changed "Do work while computer is in use?" to "Suspend work while computer is in use".
The former is confusing - if you say yes, BOINC may in fact NOT do work while the computer is in use, due to other factors (time of day, etc.)
  • TODO: HOST_INFO::users_idle() should be changed so that it returns the idle time (rather than telling you whether we've been idle for X)
  • MGR: Update disk pie chart only if something has changed (from Frank Weiler)
  • MGR: don't call GetWorkCount() unnecesaarily in ViewWorkGrid.cpp.
  • client: add mechanism to abort results if they get > 100 "premature exits" (exit(0) without finish file) between checkpoints
  • Mac: changes for libcurl 7.16.4.