Change Log 5.10.18

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Change Log 5.10.18, August 9, 2007

  • MGR: don't call GetWorkCount() repeatedly in CViewProjectsGrid, CViewTransfersGrid and CViewMessagesGrid (tagged for Mac 5.10.17 release.)
  • Graphics API: Don't render graphics when application is suspended to reduce CPU usage.
  • client: don't crash if use --detach_project option (fixes #283)
  • client: canonicalize URLs in all cmdlines
  • Graphics API: Don't render graphics when application is suspended to reduce CPU usage.
  • GUI RPC: added get_global_prefs_network() and get_global_prefs_working()
  • MGR: Populate Simple and Advanced Preference dialogs with current values of preferences (including any overrides), not with defaults or old (possibly stale) values.
  • GUI RPC: rename get_global_prefs_network() to get_global_prefs_file() to make it clear this returns the contents of the file which was obtained from the network (i.e., web-based preferences) and not just the prefernces affecting network connectivity.
  • GUI RPC: Add get_global_prefs_working_struct().
  • MGR: call get_global_prefs_working_struct() for both preference dialogs.
  • MGR: Dialup Manager updates current preferences from client before using them.
  • DIAG: Disable symbol server technology for applications where a symbol server isn't specified.
  • MGR: Provide some additional text to the begining of the attach to project wizard when the client is attached to an account manager. Warn the user that the AMS will not know about the project or its stats.
  • MGR: Fix dialog titles for the Simple GUI dialogs.
  • MGR: Eliminate bogus error messages when using the default skin.
  • MGR: Introduce new logo into the manager
  • MGR: Introduce the notion of the syncronize button in the Simple GUI.
NOTE: This button will replace the 'attach to project' button when the manager detects that the client is attached to an account manager.
  • Graphics API: added new functions boinc_suspend_graphics_thread() and boinc_resume_graphics_thread(), so apps can suspend the graphics threads for critical sections without suspending all threads. Only implemented under WIN32 thus far.
  • MGR: Respect the disallow_attach and simple_gui_only status flags in both the simple GUI and advanced GUI.
  • MGR: Enable the syncronize button in the simple GUI which just causes an account manager update request.
  • MGR: Fix an overactive assert in debug builds
  • MGR: Update taskbar icons.