Change Log 5.10.23

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Change Log 5.10.23, October 17, 2007

  • Mac V5 GFX API: In setMacPList(), if resource already exists, don't call getPathToThisApp() because it leaves a zombie process. This call probably won't be used in V6 applications.
  • Mac V5 GFX API: Fix old zombie process bug (I hope). getPathToThisApp() should call pclose(), not fclose().
  • client: fix bug where delay request from project is ignored if no results are returned. Also, made the "Deferred" messages conditional on sched_op_debug Fixes #430 (from Rattledagger)
  • DEP: Update libCurl to 7.17.0
  • TRAY: Introduce BOINC Tray for Windows. Its primary goal is to keep the client up to date with when the last time the user has used the computer. It has no UI. It is just meant to be launhced at startup and let run in the background.