Change Log 5.10.24

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Change Log 5.10.24, October 18, 2007

  • client: add config flag
  • GUI RPC: add disallow_attach and simple_gui_only flags to CC_STATUS structure
  • client: timezone reflects daylight savings time (Win) from David Barnard; fixes SVN ticket #334
  • GUI RPC: add replies for ops that don't return anything
  • GUI RPC: check args for project_attach
  • GUI RPC: return error (not blank) if no prefs override file
  • add error string for ERR_TOO_MANY_EXITS
  • client: zero out xfer_speed in HTTP_OP constructor (may fix problem w/ #INF bandwidth display)
  • client: when a job finishes, read last (not first) 63KB of stderr
  • client: parse in scheduler reply;
add cpid_time field to PROJECT. This defaults to the user_create_time.
In deciding which CPID to send in a scheduler request, use the one with oldest cpid_time (not user_create_time). This is the client half of fixing a bug that causes CPID to flip/flop between to values in a certain case.
  • client: CPU scheduler: if a project has 2 jobs with same deadline, give preference to jobs already started
  • MGR: clean up text in system tray balloon
  • client: use dd-MMM-yyyy format for dates; mm/dd/yyyy is ambiguous and mixed-endian
  • client: restore element on GUI RPC result XML (needed by BOINCSpy)
  • client: CPU sched fix
  • client: performance tweak for CPU sched
  • client: fix /proc/cpuinfo parsing for linux 2.6.23, powerPC
  • client: get_proxy_settings GUI RPC requires authentication
  • client: improve log messages