Change Log 5.10.27

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Change Log 5.10.27, October 24, 2007

  • Mac: In XCode script, wait for expansion of nib stuffit file to finish before linking screensaver.
  • GUI RPC: fix format of request
  • GUI RPC: don't enable network on bad request
  • client: remove unparsed XML error for
  • client: remove spurious error if include in cc_config.xml
  • client: read_file_string was modified sometime ago to support tail functionality, we really do want only the last 63KB of stderr for science applications.
  • TRAY: No longer depend on boinc.dll as it has a dependency on MSVCRT 8.0 which is only installed to the BOINC directory.
  • TRAY: On Vista systems, only processes started in session 0, i.e. services, and elevated processes can create shared memory segments. All others fail with an access denied error code. BOINCTray needs to be able to ignore the error and attempt to re-attach to the shared memory segment every 5 seconds until it is successful. When BOINC starts it'll be able to created the shared memory segment and then boinctray will be able to attach to it.
  • MGR: Check on account creation if wxGetUserName() returned an empty string and if it did assign the output of wxGetUserId() to ai->user_name instead. (fixes SVN ticket #440)
  • client: fixed bug that broke idle detection on Unix.
The problem: the various checks were surrounded by things like #ifdef HAVE__DEV_MOUSE .. If the host on which the client is built doesn't have a mouse (as is the case with our build machine) then the resulting executable doesn't check /dev/mouse, even if it exists on the target host.
  • removed configure checks for /dev/mouse, /dev/kbd, and /dev/tty1