Change Log 5.10.30

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Change Log 5.10.30, November 13, 2007

  • Mac: Fix bugs when running under OS 10.5:
• menubar icon menu;
• installer bugs due to PackageMaker changes;
• linker warnings due to addition of visibility patch to compiler;
• new command-line utilities for flushing users & groups caches (used by BOINC installer). Checked into boinc_core_release_5_10_28.
  • client: Remove the event handler for CTRL-C, or rather change it so that it means the same thing as it does to other apps, just quit the client instead of suspending or resuming the client.
  • client: Treat the return code 0xC0000142 as though it is a temporary error. 0xC0000142 means STATUS_DLL_INIT_FAILED which can happen when an application attempts to create a new process while the OS is shutting down, and when the desktop heap is fully utilized. This will keep an app from erroring out during Vista's shutdown sequence. Only a reboot can fix the desktop heap.
  • Mac: Fix brief flash of Manager window at OS 10.5 system startup.
  • Mac: Fix compiler warnings when building boinc_cmd under OS 10.5.
  • Mac: Better error-handling in sandbox setup code.
  • client: when starting an app, and an input/app file is not available, show the file name and error code in the message that's appended to the job's stderr_out.
  • Mac SCR: Work around a poorly understood problem calling MPLibraryIsLoaded() on OS 10.3.x when it was built using XCode 3.0 on OS 10.5.
  • MGR SG: Fix SG preferences bug: set "custom" checkmark only if global_prefs_override.xml file exists.
  • Mac: Additional changes to release scripts for compatibility with new PackageMaker.
  • MGR SG: Fix SG preferences bug: save "Do work only between" and "Connect only between" as doubles, not longs so they work properly.
  • client: fix bug in parsing of element in master files. fixes #467
  • DEP: Update libCurl to 7.17.1
  • Fix build break introduced by new libcurl headers on Windows.