Change Log 5.10.8

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Change Log 5.10.8, June 23, 2007

  • Mac: Fix visible copyright and version strings in installer and uninstaller.
  • Sandbox: fix switcher call to kill to eliminate error message and to correctly send SIGKILL instead of SIGTERM.
  • client: when you read a file into a string with:

read a line X
S += X

it performs real bad if the file is large (allocation of std::string seems to stupid). So I changed this to find file size n read file into

malloced buf size n
S = buf
free buf
  • LIB: moved functions to appropriate file
  • compile fixes for Win
  • client: fix two XML parsing bugs:
1) XML_PARSER::parse_int() and parse_double() wouldn't parse , and in fact would consume the , so that the resulting skip_unexpected() would skip the entire rest of the document.
This was exercised because my checking of 17 Apr set the default for work_buf_min_days as "" rather than 0.
2) XML_PARSER::scan_tag() was removing spaces, so parsed as venuename="home"
This actually didn't do any damage.
  • client: read only first 63KB of stderr.txt
  • user web: default work_buf_min_days is 0, not ""
  • Mac: if (log_flags.state_debug) print debugging info when rename of client_state_next.xml to client_state.xml fails