Change Log 5.8.11

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Date unknown, copied 26 March 2007

  • client: when new version runs for the first time, do a network access to reference site. This will trigger personal firewall alerts, that otherwise might happen later when user is not there.
  • client: add messages to debug CPU benchmarks
  • client: changed name of debug flag from <measurement_debug> to <benchmark_debug>
  • SCR: Remove reference to the Climate Change Experiment when the client is being built for WCG.
  • *nix: Attempt to handle the various optimation flags better by default.
  • client: fix bug where screensaver would turn on an off if CPU throttling being used
  • client: fix bug that causes tasks to hang (not running, but BOINC thinks it is) on Windows
  • MGR: Add simple validation for the authenticator returned by InternetGetCookie.
  • client: when a scheduler reply has a FILE_INFO for a file for which we already have a FILE_INFO record, overwrite the file_signature field only if the new record actually has one. This fixes a bug where a project used the same file in both an APP_VERSION and a WORKUNIT. The scheduler reply contained two <file_info> elements for the file; the first had a signature, the second didn't. The second one overwrote the first, and the app version was rejected because one its file wasn't signed.