Change Log 5.8.2

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Date unknown, copied 25 March 2007

  • MGR: Fix segfault in simple gui when message button is clicked. SetBackgroundStyle() needs to be called after the window is created.
  • client: if swap space is zero, it must not have been measured on this host; don't use it in process scheduling
  • DIAG: Clean up some warnings and add a new exception type to the list of known exceptions.
  • Win SETUP: Make Windows XP or better require passwords for the service accounts again.
  • Win SETUP: Fix a spelling mistake that JM7 found.
  • client: fixed crashing bug that happens when attaching to a project with wrong URL (e.g. The fix allows the project to attach but prints a warning. It would be better to not allow the attach; I'll get back to this later
  • client: Change function that calculates RAM and SWAP used by a science project to return the max used by a process instead of totaling the process/child processes. Fixes the problem where the same RAM and SWAP used gets counted multiple times for some science apps.
  • MGR: get rid of "CPU throttled" messages
  • MGR: enhancements to Statistics tab (can click on project name in multi-project view) from Mifistor_x
  • client: if we're preempting an app and leave it in memory because no checkpoint yet, say so in message
  • MGR: Updates to disk usage pie charts from Frank Weiler.
  • client: fix problems when user aborts result (mark it as CPU_SCHED_PREEMPTED so scheduler doesn't try to preempt it; that confuses things)
  • changed format of Deferring Comm messages
  • client: backwards > in PROJECT::some_download_stalled(). This caused the client to keep fetching work from a project with stalled downloads.
  • client: sort daily stats records in case they get out of order somehow
  • MGR: use user-friendly app names
  • SCR: Disable the diagnostic support for release builds of the Windows screensaver. A smarter thing to do in the future is to write the log files to the 'temp' directory.