Change Log 5.8.4

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Date unknown, copied 25 March 2007

  • MGR: Add the help button to the list of images to update when the user selects a different skin.
  • Mac: Fix build script for Curl 7.15.5 (should have been done 3 months ago.)
  • MGR: show correct app name when connected to 5.4.11 client
  • client: reset 5-minute timer for network activity is user explicitly changes network mode
  • client: don't start benchmarks if they're already running
  • client: if starting a file xfer, and file is already as large or larger than it should be, start transfer from the beginning. This fixes some pathological cases found by Rattledagger.
  • client: don't garbage-collect a RESULT if an ACTIVE_TASK for it still exists. In principle this shouldn't happen, but maybe it is.
  • limit duration correction factor to the range 0.01 .. 100
  • mem_usage.C Bug fix: procfs access cannot use 64 bit files under solaris
  • Added solaris application working set calculation
  • Fixed problem on solaris when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS was set before testing for procfs.h
  • Removed assumption of 4k pages in procinfo_unix.C
  • MGR: Make sure the result records have been updated before displaying the taskbar balloon.
  • LIB: change retry logic for file system ops so that it does does at least 5 retries AND takes at least 5 seconds.
  • client: if resuming a persistent file xfer, don't print error messages if file has wrong size/checksum/signature. That's a normal condition is a file xfer was interrupted.
  • MGR: If the manager detects that the CC has crashed, and it was the one who started the CC to begin with, restart the CC after 30 seconds.
  • MGR: Cleanup some of the taskbar interactions where both the tooltip and balloon were being displayed on Windows. Only one should be shown.
  • MGR: Allow arguments to be passed to the CC from the manager's parameter list. /b "..." or /boincargs "..." should work.
  • DIAG: Fix an uninitialized string issue that cropped up after removing the forground window information from the diagnostic output.
  • MGR: take Close() function call out of #if/#endif block so the manager exits when the 'exit' menu item is selected.