Change Log 5.8.6

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Date unknown, copied 25 March 2007

  • MGR: Disable advanced preferences dialog box.
  • MGR: Do not refresh the Simple GUI when the manager is hidden.
  • MGR: use a scientifically chosen set of colors for disk pie charts
  • client: there was logic that wouldn't start a result for a project if it had > 2 active uploads (intended to prevent an unbounded buildup of files for a project whose upload server is broken). It is was never triggered since the default is 2 active transfers per project. Maybe I meant persistent file transfers. In any case, this is a bad policy because there may be a project with lots of output files per result, possibly large, and there's no reason to keep it from computing. So instead, I changed it to not start a result from a project if its number of results in FILES_UPLOADING state exceeds 2*ncpus.
  • client and MGR: reorganize message priorities. There are now three priorities:
Conditions that require user intervention. These messages are written for non-tech users, and tell the user exactly what to do.
GUI: red letters
Conditions that may indicate a problem or bug in BOINC itself, or with a BOINC project or account manager. The message is prepended with [error]".
GUI: black letters
All other messages.
GUI: black letters
Note: all messages that must be enabled by cc_config.xml use MSG_INFO priority
  • MGR: Flip the sorting icons for the Grid Control.
  • MGR: Remove legacy tabs.
  • MGR: Fix the OnFrameRender function in the Simple GUI, some of the logic in it blows out of the function with a return which was leaving the static variable that was guarding against repeated executions to true. This in turn kept the GUI from updating.
  • Mac: Change MSG_ERROR to MSG_INTERNAL_ERROR in Mac-specific source file.
  • MGR: Add a new menu item that'll shutdown the core client that the manager is connected too. It'll prompt for a new computer afterwards.
  • client: another attempt at fixing the problem where a project is issuing work but not uploading files.
New solution: don't fetch work from a project with more than 2*ncpus results in FILES_UPLOADING state.
Note: this doesn't address John McLeod's point that we shouldn't increase LTD for projects in this state.