Change Log 5.8.7

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Date unknown, copied 26 March 2007

  • client: if account manager reply doesn't specify resource share for a project, revert to the share from project server
  • MGR: fixed bug in dialog options where it doesn't set the slider size automatically. This is a bug in wxGTK so for Linux set the size explicitly.
  • MGR: Update default BOINC skin.
  • client: fix account-manager resource share logic
  • MGR: Statistics tab fixes (from Mifistor)
  • client: make sure that RAM limits are not zero
  • client: on Unix, raise app stack size limit to max possible value before exec'ing the program.
  • MGR: fix crash if select a project that doesn't have a name yet. There were two separate problems:
1) CMainDocument::project() was searching by name but not by master URL (BTW: all that at(), out-of-range exception stuff isn't needed, or the cut-and-pasted comment).
2) CViewProjects::UpdateSelection() (and its grid counterpart) were checking for project == NULL some of the time, but not all the time
  • MGR: Give the user a change to abort a core client shutdown when they select 'shutdown current client'.
  • MGR: Special case the authorization error dialog when it is attempting to use the default password, so that it also informs the user they need to run the manager from the same directory as the CC.
  • MGR: Revert back to original tabs, grd controls are not going to make it for this release.