Change Log 5.8.9

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Date unknown, copied 26 March 2007

  • client: computation of duration_correction_factor was messed up. E.g. when the correct value is .5, it converges to sqrt(.5)
  • client: tweak DCF update computation
  • client (Unix): tweak stack-size logic, and don't bump stack size limit beyond 64MB
  • client: fix bug where client thinks an app is running but it isn't.

• Basic problem: there are two layers

1) process control: start/stop/suspend/resume, handle exits.
files: app_*.C
It owns ACTIVE_TASK::task_state
2) CPU scheduling: decide what should run
files: cpu_sched.C
It owns ACTIVE_TASK::scheduler_state.
These layers weren't cleanly separated; e.g. the CPU sched layer relied on the process control layer to set scheduler_state in some cases, and this wasn't always being done. I fixed this; the layers are now separated.

• Also: added new task_state value, PROCESS_QUIT_PENDING

  • client: small tweak to DCF calculation
  • client: comment out stack-size stuff
  • client: print error messages if gethostbyname() fails for entries in remote_hosts.cfg
  • MGR:

• changed "defect" to "stop using" • changed 2006 to 2007

  • client (Unix): removed code for SIGTSTP and SIGCONT. never got it to work, don't need anyway; handle SIGPWR.
  • client: print message if task finishes and output file is missing