Change Log 5.9.7

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Change Log 5.9.7, May 5, 2007

  • Mac: Revert to wxMac-2.8.0 due to bugs in later versions.
  • Mac: Update XCode project, build scripts and build instructions to use wxMac-2.8.0.
  • fixes SVN ticket #154:
• refactored the alternate platform mechinism so that we can support multiple alternate platforms.
• moved everything to cs_platforms.C since we expect the kind of sprawl that is in host_info.C on the *nix environments.
  • Clean up some warnings
  • Add cs_platform.C to
  • Mac: Use run_program() instead of wxExecute to launch boinc CC, because under wxMac-2.8.0, wxExecute starts a separate thread to wait for child's termination. wxProcessTerminationThread uses a huge amount of CPU time (about 11% of 1 CPU on 2GHz Intel Mac).
  • Mac: add cs_platform.C to XCode project.
  • fixes SVN ticket #5: Include the version number of the client next to it's name, so people can see if they need to upgrade a remote client.
  • fixes SVN ticket #149: Change the parsing function for the CBOINCGridCellProgressRenderer so that we don't have to update the docs or screenshots. :• Display the progress bar as a resource share fraction.
  • client: handle multiple platforms correctly.
Remove the tacet assumption that a host can handle applications for a single platform. With the Apr 30 scheduler changes, a project may (at different times) send app versions for the same app and version number, but different platforms. Before we would have ignored all but the first; now we handle them correctly.
Implementation notes:
• Add APP_VERSION.platform, RESULT.platform, and RESULT.version_num. If these are missing from an XML doc (e.g. an existing state file or a scheduler reply from a project not running current server) then set to the primary platform.
• Continue to write workunit.version_num and active_task.version_num to state file, even though these are no longer part of the struct. This allows users to revert to an older version.
  • client: small changes to make the client simulator act reasonably.
• change > to >= for check for running beyond sched period
• adjust debts before calculating anticipated debt
  • Mac: Update license agreement, modify build scripts to include license agreement with bare-client releases, not only wih Manager.
  • Fix build break for Unicode builds ( From Frank Weiler )
  • Win: Introduce a custom action to delete any lingering binaries from the installation directory before MSI determines what needs to be copied.
  • Win: Introduce a custom action that will migrate C:\Program Files (x86)\BOINC to C:\Program Files\BOINC for the x64 upgrade scenario.
  • Include the new custom actions in the Windows Installers