Change Log 7.5.0 - 7.6.1 (May 26, 2015)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.5.0 -> 7.6.1

  • MGR: menu item shuffle.
• Advanced view: move Event Log to Tools.
• Simple view: add Tools menu, and put Event Log and Add Project there.
  • MGR: Don't allow user to enter start time = end time for time-of-day or day-of-week preferences.
  • LIB: Ignore time-of-day or day-of-week settings (i.e., don't set "present" flag) if start time = end time.
  • Mac: Correction to build instructions for trunk (BOINC 7.5.0 and later): wxWidgets can be built under Xcode 6 by using our provided build script.
  • Mac installer: add comment on problem with BOINC+VBox installer.
  • MGR: Fix a crash bug if connection to client is lost in Simple View.
  • MGR: If not connected to client, disable menu items which require a connection.
  • MGR: If not connected to client, disable snooze menu items in task bar icon menu.
  • MGR: Don't show Advanced or Simple Preferences dialogs if RPCs fail. This fixes an unlikely case where the client connection has just been lost but the menus have not yet been disabled.
  • Mac: update build scripts and instructions for trunk.
  • Mac: add a hint about entering file pr folder paths in the Terminal application.
  • Mac: tweaks to build instructions for trunk.
  • MGR: Add 6 new tags to allow the backgrounds of the Simple View and Simple Preferences dialog to be anchored at any of 9 points, for flexibility in placement of the logo or other graphic element that should always be visible.
• Vertical anchor is one of: , or .
• Horizontal anchor is one of: , , or .
If none of the tags are present, these default values are used:
• The defaults for the main Simple View background are and .
• The defaults for the Simple View Preferences dialog background are and .
  • client: bug fixes to sorting projects alphabetically.
• There were two problems:
1) we were sorting before parsing the client state file (which is where we get project names from).
2) the Win implementation of strcasecmp() wasn't right; it returned difference but not order.
  • Project list changes.
  • client: include client brand (if any) in HTTP user agent string.
  • client: fix bugs in accounting of elapsed time_stats_log, e.g. if you set, and you suspend CPU, NCI tasks continue to run but their elapsed time wouldn't increase.
  • client: Win 10 OS identification additions, from Robert Kreß.
  • client: Fix formatting issues.
  • client: guard against divide by zero.
  • LIB: revert incorrect modification from commit 0773510
  • client: set minimum cpu_usage_limit to a value which Advanced Prefs dialog will report as (i.e., truncate to) 0.
  • Mac: update build instructions, incorporating feedback from testers.
  • Mac: tweaks to build instructions.
  • client: More Windows SKU updates from Robert Kreß.
  • client: Win build fix.
  • MGR: Remove welcome page from wizard and split the attach wizard into two menu items.
  • MGR: Remove WelcomePage.cpp from build system. (From: Benji Wiebe)
  • Fixed error message in boinccmd.
  • MGR: Bug fixes for previous wizard changes.
  • MGR: Remove non-UTF8 character that was causing problems for the string extraction tool.
  • MGR: Remove files WelcomePage.cpp, WelcomePage.h from Xcode project.
  • MGR: Fix some crash bugs in the code to hide or rearrange columns which can occur when changing locale to a different language.
  • CURL: Update root authority CAs.
  • MGR: Remove comment blocks that were being included in the translation template.
  • MGR: Prevent the 'back' button from being enabled on the project and account manager info pages.
  • MGR: Fix a bug in setting column order which Charlie introduced in his previous 2 commits.
  • client: add log msgs for failed file deletion.
  • client: detect errors in directory enumeration.
Previously, the dir_scan() function didn't distinguish between
• reaching the end of the directory.
• errors.
It just returned nonzero in either case. This means that the function that cleans out a slot dir (client_clean_out_dir()) could potentially return success even though the directory is nonempty. This could potentially cause the recently-reported problem where a slot dir contains a VM image from a previous job.
  • client: finish previous commit.
  • client: fix botched commit from just now.
  • MGR: Fix compiler warning which was introduced by a previous commit.
  • WINBUILD: Add Visual Studio 2013 project files.
  • WINBUILD: Update dependency paths for VS 2013 projects to point towards 2013 dependencies.
  • WINBUILD: Cleanup work to support VS 2013 builds
  • client: fix bug when delete > 4GB file.
The function to delete a slot dir file (delete_project_owned_file()) called boinc_file_or_symlink_exists(), and returning success (with no message) if this return false.
boinc_file_or_symlink_exists() incorrectly returned false for > 4GB file on Win, because it used stat(), which handles only 32 bit file size.
Fix: remove the call to boinc_file_or_symlink_exists(); instead, always call DeleteFile(), and check for the ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND status. David will fix the stat() problem later.
  • client, Win: use _stat64() instead of _stat(); _stat() returns error for > 4GB files.
  • WINBUILD: Remove the restriction that prevented BOINC from installing on domain controllers.
TODO: Block service install in the advanced settings dialog.
  • client: get sizes of anonymous platform files on startup... because if we don't, the client won't use asynch operations for large files, which causes heartbeat failures and unresponsiveness.
  • WINBUILD: For projects that depend on a library, make sure that they point to the VS 2013 project. (From: Christian Beer)
  • WINBUILD: Fix building debug builds for vboxwrapper on VS 2013.
  • WINBUILD: When building with VS 2013, use the XP compatible toolchain.
  • WINBUILD: Last commit missed a file.
  • WINBUILD: Oops, wrong change with the last commit.
  • WINBUILD: Remove code-signing requirement for building BOINC installers on Windows.
  • WINBUILD: Update CRT reference to VS 2013.