Change Log 7.6.18 - 7.6.19 (December 4, 2015)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.18 -> 7.6.19
  • use snprintf to prevent buffer overflow
  • client/Manager: show correct app version in multi-platform case.
The GUI RPC element for a result didn't include the platform name. So in cases where there were app versions with the same, version # and plan class (but different platforms) the Manager would just show the first one (e.g. the "executable file" item in Task Properties), which was not necessarily correct.
• fixes places missed with 52f494e
• fixes CID 27968 found by Coverity
  • client: Fix crash bug introduced in commits f0df42e and 1618ce3: do not dlclose(cudalib) until after we are finished using the CUDA library. Also added corresponding FreeLibrary(cudalib) for MS Windows builds.