Change Log 7.6.31 - 7.6.32 (April 25, 2016)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.29 -> 7.6.31
  • Mac: update Xcode project, build scripts and build instructions to use cURL-7.47.1, OpenSSL-1.0.2g and SQLite 3.11.0.
Note: OpenSSL-1.0.2g eliminates support for SSLv2, but cURL expects that support, so using their default builds causes link errors in the client. I work around this by having the build script patch curl-7.47.1/lib/curl_config.h to remove SSLv2 from cURL. An alternate solution would be to pass the enable-ssl2 argument to configure when building OpenSSL-1.0.2g.
  • Mac: Fix bug in script to build curl-7.47.1 with ssl v2 disabled.
Preliminary Change Log 7.6.31 -> 7.6.32
  • Expand usage of HTTPS and fix a few URLs.
  • client: select next download url if the current one fails.
  • MGR: Remove dead code that was apparently disabled in 2010 and nobody noticed.
  • client: fix nvidia_driver_version dlopen()
  • GUI RPC: enclose message bodies in CDATA to avoid XML parse errors for messages containing "<".
Also strip off <?xml tag from project config to make GUI RPC reply valid.
  • client: message tweak.
  • MGR: fix compiler warning introduced by commit 1c4f391.
  • MGR: Fix commandline options.
  • MGR: Fix command line parsing options.
  • Android: Update build scripts to support OpenSSL 1.0.2g and libCurl 7.48.0
  • snprintf() workaround for Win
• VS 2010 doesn't have snprintf(). As a temporary workaround (until we move to VS 2015) #define snprintf as _snprintf (which doesn't null-terminate if buffer is too small). This is at least no worse than using sprintf(), which we were doing.
  • VBOX: Cap the maximum number of CPUs to 32. Virtualbox has a hard cap of 32 processors per VM.
  • Use wxString instead of wxChar* where necessary.This eliminates compiler errors with wxUSE_STL=1. It's probably also a cleaner way to pass strings around.
  • Add <no_opencl/> option in cc_config.xml