Change Log 7.6.7 - 7.6.8 (August 25, 2015)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.7 -> 7.6.8

  • client: if app reports fract done > 1, use asymptotic formula.
  • client: change cpu_sched_debug log messages to show job's GPU type. Also fix some compile warnings.
  • client: if a GPU exclusion refers to non-existent device num, ignore it.
  • client: if app reports frac done outside [0,1] write message conditioned on task_debug; write at most one msg per minute.
  • MGR: display total credit with thousands separators.
  • client: fix bug where elapsed time increased while suspended.
  • client and API: pass list of app version files in init_data.xml
  • MGR: Better test for whether client is running. Fixes bug which caused Manager to launch multiple clients when is set.
  • MGR: On Manager Exit, Manager shuts down client only if the Manager launched it (i.e. not if it was already running when Manager started.) However, "Shut down connected client" command does still shut down the client whether or not the Manager launched it.
  • client: don't use estimated fraction done until 1 minute has elapsed.
  • MGR: improve validity checking in advanced prefs dialog.