Change Log 7.6.8 - 7.6.9 (August 28, 2015)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.8 -> 7.6.9

  • MGR: in Simple View Preferences dialog, highlight textedit field with illegal value by setting its background to light red.
  • MGR: Update comment to match my previous change. (reverted from commit f64d956)
  • MGR: On Manager Exit, Manager shuts down client only if the Manager launched it (i.e. not if it was already running when Manager started.) However, "Shut down connected client" command does still shut down the client whether or not the Manager launched it. (reverted from commit 7e7f5c6)
  • MGR: Better test for whether client is running. Fixes bug which caused Manager to launch multiple clients when is set. (reverted from commit 3bd93fd)