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Below are the full written explanations for the abbreviations used in the change logs.

Android: Android client
boinc_cmd: Precursor of BOINCCMD
CLI: Command Line Interface
client: BOINC binary
CURL: LibCurl
DEP: Data Execution Prevention
DIAG: Diagnostics
Filesys: File system
GUI: Graphical User Interface
GUI RPC: Graphical User Interface Remote Procedure Call
LIB: Library
Linux: Changes for Linux only
LOCALE: Translations into different languages, localization
Mac: Macintosh
Mac SCR: Macintosh Screen saver
MGR: BOINC Manager
MGR SG: Manager Simple GUI (precursor to Simple View) RPC: Remote Procedure Call
Sandbox: Security mechanism for separating running programs
SCR: Screen saver
SVN ticket: old bug reporting database
TRAY: BOINC idle detection
VBOX: VirtualBox
VS: Visual Studio
WEB: Changes to web site/forums
WIN: Windows
WINBUILD: Windows build
WININSTALL: Windows Installer
WinSETUP: BOINC Setup in Windows

  • nix: All Unix kinds, including Unix, Linux, FreeBSD etc.