Determine OpenCL capability of GPU and CPU

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(Windows only)

When you feel your GPU or CPU is OpenCL capable but BOINC isn't detecting that it is, first try to run clinfo. You can download and save it onto your system.

Next make a directory called C:\clinfo and unpack the contents of into this directory.

Now open Notepad and add into it:

 @echo off
 clinfo > clinfo.log

Click File->Save As...

  • Navigate to C:\clinfo
  • Set "Save As type" to All files
  • Encoding: ANSI
  • File name: clinfo.bat and then click Save.

Next run clinfo.bat from Windows Explorer ((double-)click it).

It will save all the information it can find into clinfo.log in c:\clinfo You can open this log file with Notepad.

This will show if your CPU and GPU are OpenCL capable at this time, or not. When you feel that they should be capable, post the contents of the log file into an answer at the BOINC forums, and someone will go over it and tell you what to do.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 597 27-Oct-2013