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ERR_OPEN -121 - This is old code that is no longer used by any of the present version of BOINC.

ERR_DUP2 -122 - This is old code that is no longer used by any of the present version of BOINC.

ERR_NO_SIGNATURE -123 - There is no signature on the file that BOINC downloaded. This file could now come from anywhere. Solution: Complain about it on the project's forums. They should fix this.

ERR_THREAD -124 - The BOINC Windows Runtime debugger wasn't enabled or can't be started. Corresponding message: "BOINC Windows Runtime Debugger has been disabled"

ERR_SIGNAL_CATCH -125 - A Signal was caught from the OS. This is, the operating system is posting an error condition and the science application is/was terminated. See the messages tab/Event Log for further informations

UNIX/Linux/MAC related


First an explanation what transient means. Transient refers to a module that, once loaded into main memory, is expected to remain in memory for a short time.

This is a server error. The file you are trying to upload is locked on the server. The file_upload_handler put an advisory lock on the file, to prevent other file upload handlers to write to the file.

This can only be fixed by the project.

Extra messages in 5.8 branch of BOINC.

  • can't open file - Advisory file locking is not guaranteed reliable when used with stream buffered IO.
  • can't lock file - File Upload Handler can't put an advisory lock on the file to prevent it being overwritten by other FUHs.
  • Maintenance underway: file uploads are temporarily disabled. - You can't upload as the server is down for maintenance.


This is a permanent upload failure. This can happen when the result you are trying to return has been deleted on the server (return it too late, after it's been validated and purged from the server), or when the server is rejecting the result (server full).


BOINC is trying to download an application but finds that it may exist already on your computer. Did you detach from the project and were not all files deleted automatically?


You are trying to attach to a project you are already attached to. You cannot attach to the same project twice.

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