Error code -141 to -150 explained

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ERR_STRCHR -141 - The buffer contains a string that is empty. With no where to go to.

ERR_STRSTR -142 - This code is no longer used in any present versions of BOINC.

ERR_READDIR -143 - BOINC cannot read the directory, it is missing the correct path. It will try to find the correct path.

ERR_SHMGET -144 - BOINC cannot find the shared memory segment. Shared memory is memory used by BOINC and the scinece application at the same time.

ERR_SHMCTL -145 - BOINC cannot free the shared memory segment.

ERR_SHMAT -146 - BOINC cannot use the shared memory segment.

ERR_FORK -147 - Boinc cannot create a new process. Any errors with child processes in their description will have to do with this error. See fork()

ERR_EXEC -148 - BOINC cannot create a new process. Or BOINC is already running. Only one instance of BOINC can run at any time.

ERR_NOT_EXITED -149 - A process that was supposed to exit, did not do so.

ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED -150 - BOINC encountered a system call to memory that wasn't designed for this platform. Use the correct version of BOINC for your CPU and operating system.

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