Error code -181 to -190 explained

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ERR_LISTEN -181 - GUI RPC listen failed

ERR_TIMEOUT -182 - Too much time elapsed during persistent file transfer -- giving up.

ERR_PROJECT_DOWN -183 - The project you are attached to is down, either for maintenance or for another reason. Just wait until they are back up. Keep an eye on their homepage.

ERR_HTTP_ERROR -184 - This is an error in the polling of the start of the HTTP/S transaction start in CurlEasy. Report this on the BOINC forums.


This is an error that will occur:

  • if BOINC couldn't start the application
  • if files are missing
  • upon catch of other error returns
  • on nonzero exit or signal
  • if exceeded resource limit
  • as catch-all for resume/start errors

Rebooting your machine will most of the times fix these.

ERR_RESULT_DOWNLOAD -186 - BOINC will trigger this error when the work unit or application had a download error.

ERR_RESULT_UPLOAD -187 - BOINC will trigger this error when the work unit had an upload error.

ERR_INVALID_URL -189 - The Master URL is invalid. Check your typing and try again.

ERR_MAJOR_VERSION -190 - This is old code that is no longer in use by any present version of BOINC.

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