Error code -191 to -200 explained

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ERR_NO_OPTION -191 - This version of BOINC has no option to upload a trickle. A trickle is an intermediate upload of status for big work units, such as CPDN.

ERR_MKDIR -192 - BOINC is unable to make a sub-directory. Make sure you use an account that has full read/write rights.

ERR_INVALID_EVENT -193 - This is old code that is no longer in use by any present version of BOINC.

ERR_ALREADY_RUNNING -194 - Another instance of BOINC Client is already running.

ERR_NO_APP_VERSION -195 - BOINC couldn't find the application's version number.


BOINC tries to send the client this result and fails because:

  • result needs more disk/mem/speed than host has
  • already sent a result for this WU
  • no app_version available

ERR_ABORTED_VIA_GUI -197 - You have aborted the work unit through Boinc Manager.

ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCE -198 - You do not have enough resources to run this work unit. This can be a problem with the amount of RAM you have, the CPU you have, the amount of disk space. Check RAM Requirements, check with the project if your CPU is alright to be used and check your general preferences if you have set enough disk space to be used. Check your hard drive if you still have enough space free.

ERR_RETRY -199 - This error has to do with the snooze option, with sockets closed and when the GUI is in idle status.

ERR_WRONG_SIZE -200 - Your files have the wrong file size.

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