Error code -221 to -230 explained

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ERR_ABORTED_BY_PROJECT -221 - The project you are attached to aborted this result.

ERR_GETGRNAM -222 - Sandbox security logic: group boinc_project does not exist

ERR_CHOWN -223 - This is an error when changing the file ownership.

ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND -224 - This is the same as an HTTP error 404: File not found or HTTP error 416 Requested Range not satisfiable.

ERR_BAD_FILENAME -225 - One of the files downloaded is found with a bad filename. Did you rename it? Did the project name it incorrectly?

ERR_TOO_MANY_EXITS -226 - An application has exited prematurely (unexpectedly) more than 99 times without generating a checkpoint, so giving up on that task.

ERR_RMDIR -227 - In BOINC 6.0 and above: Remove (delete) directory failed.

ERR_CHILD_FAILED -228 - On Unix if the application is non-executable, it will crash the task which BOINC will treat as recoverable and therefore restart itself. Since this is unwanted behaviour, BOINC returns this error code and exits itself.

Also used when the wrapper application exits when it finds that one of the sub-applications has failed.

ERR_SYMLINK -229 - There's been an error detected in a symlink that the project uses to tell where its directories are. Report this error on the project's forums. Symlinks are no longer used in the BOINC 6 clients.

ERR_DB_CONN_LOST -230 - This is a server error. The connection to the database was lost while storing a result in its memory.

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