Error code -231 to -240 explained

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ERR_CRYPTO -231 - BOINC had a problem encrypting the private key, or decrypting the public key. You will probably have to detach and reattach to fix this. (Detaching/Reattaching forces a new download of the public key).

ERR_ABORTED_ON_EXIT -232 - Error code showing when the "abort_jobs_on_exit" flag is present in cc_config.xml. You're aborting tasks and telling the projects about it.

ERR_UNSTARTED_LATE -233 - BOINC will abort tasks that have not started yet and are over the deadline.

ERR_MISSING_COPROC -234 - A coprocessor that was detected earlier has gone missing. Check your drivers, the seating of the card or see if rebooting the computer will re-detect the card again.

ERR_PROC_PARSE -235 - A processing entry was not parsed correctly.

ERR_STATFS -236 - An error occurred while reading the statistics of the file system.

ERR_PIPE -237 - Pipe() failed.

ERR_NEED_HTTPS -238 - HTTPS needed.

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