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[[Self Help: Links to Drivers]]<br>
[[Drivers | Installing GPU drivers]]<br>
[[Self Help: Screen saver problems]]<br>
[[Self Help: Screen saver problems]]<br>

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This section holds FAQs about the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) and co-processors for calculations, showing graphics, etc.

Nvidia CUDA & ATI Stream (CAL) FAQ

Installing GPU drivers
Self Help: Screen saver problems

Some CUDA questions and answers

Make use of the GPU

I have added a GPU but the project doesn't use it
I have added two GPUs, but BOINC only uses one
I have a GPU, but BOINC doesn't see it
I have a GPU, but don't want BOINC to use it
I have a GPU, but only want Project P to use it
I have a GPU, but only want Application A from Project P to use it