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Fixes for the screen saver:

  • Make sure you are up to date with your drivers and DirectX version. See the drivers page for links.
  • Make sure your video card is OpenGL 1.2 compatible. (It doesn't need to be compliant, just compatible with a latest drivers update. If the latest drivers update didn't add at least 1.2 compatibility, your video card can't be used)
  • Set your Settings in Windows to not switch to a blank screen or resume with password. (Usually Desktop properties, Screen Saver, BOINC as screen saver choice, Settings)
  • Don't let your monitor power down after less minutes in Windows Power Options (in Control Panel) than you set your BOINC preferences.
  • Adjust your screen saver to kick in 1 minute after you let BOINC go crunch in Idle time, especially when you have an embedded videocard. Embedded videocards are video chips on the motherboard. They use your CPU and motherboard RAM, instead of an independent GPU and additional RAM for graphics only.
  • You can at all times open the graphics on the running task. In Boinc Manager, go to Tasks (Work in 5.2.x and before), select the task that shows Running, press the Show graphics button. This window can be maximized. If you can't see graphics in this window, you have a problem with your videocard or with your drivers.
  • Using the screen saver (or graphics) takes up CPU cycles. If you have a slow computer, consider not using either for prolonged periods of time.

When none of this helps, always state what make and model videocard, with which drivers and DirectX version and operating system you use.

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