How to compile your own BOINC version for Windows?

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Download the BOINC Source Code.

Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Or download and install Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (part of Visual Studio 8 Express).

Do not forget to update your Visual Studio 2005 to Service Pack 1. This includes Express users, you will also need this update.

NOTE: When using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, you will also need to download and install the Windows Platform SDK. See this article for further details.

  • Download version 2.8.4 (or above) of WxWidgets:
  • Install the WxWidgets source according to instructions on the web site.
  • In Windows,
    • Start->(Settings)->Control Panel->System, select Advanced; click Environment Variables.
    • Under 'User variables' click New. Create a variable named 'wxwin' with value 'c:\wx' (or wherever you installed it).
    • Then restart Visual Studio.
  • Build WxWidgets. See Compiling WxWidgets for details. (** I followed 1. Your application (delete odbc32.lib), 2. wxWidgets Library. ** )
  • When done, go File->Close Solution.
  • Then go File->Open Solution->%drive%://boinc/win_build/boinc.sln and press Open.
  • Set up Visual Studio to use the correct platform. From the drop-down menu choose either Win32 (for 32 bit platforms) or x64 (for 64 bit platforms) and choose to make it a Release version.
  • Go to the Build menu, Build Solution.

All files will be built to %drive%://boinc/win_build/Build/Win32/Release (or Build/x64/Release for 64 bit versions). Versions compiled with Visual C++ 2005 Express use the optimizing compiler. Benchmarks are the same as on versions released by Berkeley.

You can easily ignore all of the warnings that you get when building. Most of them are for the eyes of the developers.

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