How to control a remote host?

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Through BOINC Manager (or BOINCView) you can control BOINC on a remote host. To do so, follow the easy steps below:

  • You will need to use a remote_hosts.cfg file on the computer that you want to control. It needs to be in the BOINC Data directory. In it it must have the IP address or network name of the controlling computer.
  • Then also on the remote computer, the gui_rpc_auth.cfg file needs to be changed so it has a manageable password. At the time of opening it, it will have the random 32 character hexadecimal password in it. Delete that one and put in a password of your own. Do not add an Enter, only fill in the password on the first line. Delete any extra lines there may be.

Save the file, then exit and restart the BOINC client on the remote machine. (Note: When using a service installation of BOINC, make sure to stop and restart the service! Just exiting the Manager and restarting it won't do.)

  • Now open BOINC Manager on your controlling machine, Advanced view->Advanced->Select computer...-> type in the IP address or network name of the remote computer and the password you set for the other machine.

That should do it.

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