How to control a service install of BOINC (Windows)?

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So you installed BOINC as a service under Windows and now you want to stop the service? How do you do that, easily? There are a couple of ways for this.

First off is through the Services control window. To get there, go to Start->Run, type services.msc (including that extension!) and click OK. The services control window comes up:


Right clicking BOINC gives you quick commands.

Double clicking BOINC will open the service control window:


In both you can click Stop (when started), Start (when stopped), Pause (when started) and Resume (when paused).

In the above window you can also control BOINC not to start up when Windows starts up. To do so, change the Startup type from Automatic to Manual. If you set it to Disabled, the service cannot be used, it can also not be started from the command line. Always click Apply before clicking OK.

BOINC can also be controlled from the command line, through the net command. The easiest way, I think, is to make shortcuts of these commands, so do this:

Right click anywhere on a free space on the desktop->New->Shortcut.


In the URL box fill in cmd /k followed by a space and the command you want to follow.


Click Next, then fill in a name for the command you want to use.


Click Finish. The command shortcuts will be saved on your desktop. You can put them anywhere you like, though.

You can make shortcuts for these commands:

  • Stop BOINC: cmd /k net stop boinc
  • Start BOINC: cmd /k net start boinc
  • Pause BOINC = cmd /k net pause boinc
  • Resume BOINC = cmd /k net continue boinc

(With thanks to Richard Haselgrove for the screen shots.)

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