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Here we park FAQs that are no longer current, that we don't want to rewrite but that we don't need to delete either.

BOINC Client and Manager FAQs

Exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005) - Einstein only (S5R1-5 runs only!)
Simple explanation of the new work scheduler (version 5.8 and above)

Frequently Requested Items which may have gotten rejected

Add a "Select all" button to BOINC Manager
Advertisements in BOINC Manager?
Blocked by firewall, why don't you fix that?
BOINC automated update
BOINC support for OpenCL on other hardware than GPUs?
Cease and desist GPU work when another program wants to use the GPU
CPU Affinity
CPU usage limit change
Day by day override

Do not stop until it is over: at 98% or more, continue till end of task
Donate to BOINC?
Fix GPU detection on Windows Vista/7 when BOINC installed as service?
Get rid of FIFO on GPU?
Latest version of BOINC through Linux package manager?
Make and edit cc_config.xml through BOINC Manager

Messages tab is gone!!!
Multiple monitors, multiple screen savers?
Option to add multiple time-frames for idle/busy
Project X has dubious activities. Why do you allow your software to be used by them?
Project X has more credit than Project Y. Why?
Reaching out to you...
Separate resource share for GPU?
Set priority for running tasks
Show which GPU runs which task?
Snooze time amount be set by user
Support for Windows 95, NT 4 & Mac OS X before 10.3.9
Suspend GPU button
Sustained CPU throttling
Switch off the BOINC scheduler
Total RAC & credits
Use at max X GPU cores
Use at most... for CPU and GPU
Use phpBB or other forums?
Version for DOS 5.0?
Your newest, latest BOINC is broken. Test it better!!