My Boinc says it is suspended. Now what?

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Check if you didn't suspend BOINC:

1) Right-click on the BOINC icon in the system tray, see if there is a check before Snooze. (This is available only on BOINC versions 5.6.x and higher. Versions before that had a suspend option in the right click menu. See 2 for that).

2) You have suspended BOINC through Boinc Manager, Activity menu, Suspend. Return it to Run based on preferences. If you are using a 4.xx or 5.2.x version of BOINC, this can be found under the Network menu

3) You have suspended the Project. Go to the Project tab in Boinc Manager. Check the status of your project or projects. To resume a project, click on it, then click on the Resume button in the menu on the left.

4) You have suspended all of the tasks. In this case go to the Tasks tab and select each task, then press the Resume button in the menu on the left. Do this for all Tasks that are suspended. If you are using Boinc version 4.xx or 5.2.x, you'll need the Work tab.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 58 14-12-2006