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Yes, positive error codes, to make things interesting. :-)

The following are process exit codes (not function return values). They are used by the client and applications. NOTE: Unix passes only 8 bits of exit code, and Unix uses roughly 1-137, so BOINC errors start at 192.

EXIT_STATEFILE_WRITE 192 - The client will exit if it cannot write to the client_state.xml file. Make sure you have permission to write to the BOINC Data directory.

EXIT_SIGNAL 193 - The client, Manager and/or application will exit when getting the exit signal.

EXIT_ABORTED_BY_CLIENT 194 - Task was aborted by the BOINC client.

EXIT_CHILD_FAILED 195 - The science application running the task failed for unknown reasons.

EXIT_DISK_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 196 - The amount of disk space that the task could use was more than the limit set to the task.

EXIT_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 197 - The amount of time that the task can run was estimated to be far greater than then time limit set to the task.

EXIT_MEM_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 198 - The amount of memory that the task could use was greater than the limit set to the task.

EXIT_CLIENT_EXITING 199 - The task was ended when the client was exited.

EXIT_UNSTARTED_LATE 200 - Task was aborted due to it having not started and already past the deadline.

EXIT_MISSING_COPROC 201 - A coprocessor that was detected earlier went missing. Work for it is being aborted.

EXIT_ABORTED_BY_PROJECT 202 - Tasks on the computer were aborted by the project.

EXIT_ABORTED_VIA_GUI 203 - Applications exit with this code after you told them to abort.

EXIT_UNKNOWN 204 - Unknown exit.

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