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With BOINC the Error code 417 usually means that something in your internet connection changed. Perhaps that your ISP switched from using HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0, or it has other problems.

By default BOINC uses HTTP 1.1 to communicate with projects. This does not always work, so then you can try to switch BOINC to use HTTP 1.0 instead.

To do so, make a cc_config.xml file in your BOINC Data directory. The default paths for this directory can be found in this FAQ, and else BOINC will tell you in its start-up messages - 3rd to 6th line from the top of the messages - where it is. This directory may be hidden, the other FAQ will detail how you can get it to show.

Back to the cc_config.xml file. When you made it and made sure it has the .xml extension, not a .txt or other extension, add into it these lines:


Save the file, then exit and restart BOINC.

Now try to make contact with the project. This may take a couple of tries, depending on how big the internet cache is on your system.

You may want to flush your DNS-cache to make sure you make a clean contact. To do so click the Windows Start button->Run, type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. There is a space between the 'g' and the '/'.

If this still doesn't work, then there has been a change at your ISP. You will have to contact them to figure out what that was and how to get around it.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 505 25-11-2009