Science applications continue running when I exit BOINC Manager

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When exiting BOINC Manager you can find that the science applications continue to run. This is quite normal with BOINC 6.4 and above, even if you do not have BOINC installed as a service.

The explanation behind this is that BOINC consists of two main parts, a client (seen as boinc.exe in Windows Task Manager) and the graphical part that you do everything from, called BOINC Manager (seen as boincmgr.exe in Windows Task Manager).

Exiting BOINC Manager does not necessarily shut down the client and the science applications. Which is where the exit dialog comes into play. Here you can tell BOINC what to do, just close down BOINC Manager (the graphical part) or close everything down.


File->Exit in BOINC Manager gets you to:


Make sure that the first option is checked and if you want to see this dialog again in the future, make sure the the second option is not checked.

Have you ever made the mistake to tell the exit dialog not to show up again (second option checked), then you can reset this in Advanced->Options:

6.4-exit-options2.png (BOINC 6.4)

6.6-exit-options2.png (BOINC 6.6 and above)

Make sure the second option is checked, the wording can be slightly different between BOINC versions.

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