Two accounts, change the email address from one to the other

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  • Go to your account.
  • Log Out.
  • Got to your account again.
  • Click the "Forgot password" link.
  • Fill in the email address you want to go use.
  • Click Submit.

Wait at that email address for the message from the project to arrive, when it does, open it. Click the link in the email.

You are now at the second account with the email address you want to use on the first account, so click password first. Fill in an easy to remember password, do that again and click "Change password".

Next click "Change email", fill in a garbage email address or a very old one you never use anymore anyway, fill in the password you just made up and click 'Change email address".

When done, log out.

Go to your account again.

  • Log in with the first account (the one you posted with here).
  • Go to email address.
  • Fill in the address you just rescued from the previous account.
  • Fill in the password for this account (not the one you just made!).
  • click Change email address.


Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 487 05-04-2007