Where did all my tasks go?

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Once a task has met its quorum as set by the project (typically 3 to 4 tasks), all tasks are compared against one another. Once the tasks are found to be satisfactory, they are assimilated into the project's Master Science Database and removed from the servers to save hard drive space.

The amount of time a task stays viewable depends on how long the deadline is and how quick the other systems return their tasks. It is entirely possible for some tasks to get lost on the server's hard drive and stay that way for up to a couple months, at which point the project Admins would need to manually intervene and clean up the drives and database.

It is estimated that if the tasks were left available, some projects would need multi-terabyte hard drives and enough RAM to cache all the information for quick access or the entire database would slow to a crawl.

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Ozzfan 113 10-01-2007