Windows Installer Error 1905

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When you upgrade to a newer BOINC installation you can run into all kinds of errors. One is the Windows Installer Error 1905.

e.g.: Error 1905 Boinc.dll failed to unregister HRESULT -2147220472

This error can occur when an expected component of an application is not present when uninstalling of an earlier version. This can be during the actual uninstall, or during the upgrade process. The solution, when this is the cause, is to uninstall the old version manually and restart the system. If the uninstall is still failing, use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to get rid of the old BOINC version. It'll be in the list as a no-named entry or a corrupt one.

Do not remove any of the other .MSI entries in the list, or you will have problems uninstalling other programs!

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 99 27-12-2007