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[[Merge computers whose description have changed]]<br>
[[Merge computers whose description have changed]]<br>
[[CreditNew Explained]]

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BOINC messages and behaviour explained

Here we explain what BOINC is, does, and in general explain some of the messages you see and hear about.

An introduction to BOINC

BOINC? What is that?
What are credits? Can I use them?
Where can I download BOINC?
Where can I get other help?
BOINC Merchandise

What does BOINC consist of?

BOINC Manager

BOINC Client
BOINC Screen Saver
BOINC Account Managers


Uninstalling BOINC

Available for which operating systems?

Is BOINC available for Android?
Is BOINC available in Java?
Is BOINC available for Kindle?
Is BOINC available in Linux?
Is BOINC available for Mac OS X?
Is BOINC available for Windows?

BOINC Under the hood

What are the std*.txt files for?
What do Suspended, Waiting and Postponed mean?
What is Ready to report?

Things to stumble across on the forums

What is an avatar?
What is RAC?
What is Pending Validation?
What is Validate State Invalid?
Can I merge accounts?
CPID - Cross-Project Identifier
Merge computers whose description have changed