BOINC Client and Manager FAQs

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BOINC Client Software Questions and Answers

BOINC 6.2 - 6.12
BOINC 6: Advanced Local Preferences
BOINC command line switches
BOINC Installer: Error reading setup initialization file
BOINC Manager cannot connect to a client
BOINC Manager command line switches
BOINC? What is that?
BOINCCMD command line switches
Boinc_x.x.x_windows_intelx86.exe is not a valid Win32 application
Can I hide BOINC from view?
Computing is suspended - requested by operating system
Einstein: Got server request to delete file XXXXXX
My Boinc says it is suspended. Now what?
Not requesting work or reporting results / Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks?
Nvidia CUDA & ATI Stream (CAL) FAQ
RAM requirements for BOINC
Science applications continue running when I exit BOINC Manager
Setting percentage of CPU Time, how does it work? (CPU throttling)
Simple explanation of the new work scheduler (version 5.8 and above)
Suspending computation - CPU usage is too high / CPU is busy
The anonymous platform (app_info.xml), what does it do? How to properly get rid of it?
What does preempted/waiting mean?
What is Ready to report?
Where can I download BOINC?
Why does the "to completion time" go up?
Windows Installer error - Internal error 2755, 1601
Windows Installer error 1327: Invalid drive letter
Windows Installer Error 1706: Setup cannot find the required files / 1714: older version cannot be removed / BOINC.msi cannot be found / The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable / Error 1325. is not a valid short name
Windows Installer Error 1905

BOINC Account Managers

Account Manager, what is that?
Grid Republic

BOINC and Computer Terminology

BOINC Terminology: A
BOINC Terminology: B
BOINC Terminology: C
BOINC Terminology: D
BOINC Terminology: E
BOINC Terminology: F
BOINC Terminology: G
BOINC Terminology: H
BOINC Terminology: I
BOINC Terminology: L
BOINC Terminology: M
BOINC Terminology: N
BOINC Terminology: O
BOINC Terminology: P
BOINC Terminology: Q
BOINC Terminology: R
BOINC Terminology: S
BOINC Terminology: T
BOINC Terminology: U
BOINC Terminology: V
BOINC Terminology: W
CPU - Register Acronyms

BOINC Client Errors and Error Codes